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What’s inside?

  • Tips to improve customer interactions
  • Understanding important KPIs
  • Guide to cross-selling and upselling

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By completing this training, your team can

  • Make most of in-store customer interactions.
  • Understand important KPIs and easy tips to improve them.
  • Get their customers to buy more.
  • Be floor-ready quickly!

There’s more to this offer

To help you get your team to learn quickly and perform better

  • 100 licenses to Bsharp Learn (for up to 2 months)

Full fledged learning platform
AI-based pitch practice
Motivation tools such as badges and certificates

  • 100 licenses to Bsharp Score (for up to 2 months)

Provide KPI visibility
Themed-KPI based contests with leaderboards

These platforms are easy to deploy and make the program measurable.


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