Bsharp’s Mission:

Enable your frontline

Enable frontline employees worldwide with
technology tools and services
required for them to
enrich their lives and do their jobs better.

Bsharp Industry Templates

Bsharp Operating Principles

  • The Bedrock: Be legal, stay frugal

    Stay uncompromisingly legal.
    Be always frugal and level-headed.

  • The Enabler: The employee

    Provide an environment of respect, curiosity and growth.
    They are the custodian of the other layers.

  • The Engine: The product

    Provide an environment of respect, curiosity and growth.
    They are the custodian of the other layers.

  • The Goal: Value to users, enterprises

    Be ’useful’ to users and enterprises that pay for the services.
    Balance tactical customer asks with strategic roadmap.

Bsharp’s Values: Four Pillars

  • Ethics

    This represents integrity in all our dealings with the government, customers, employees and partners. This extends to the mutual respect with which we treat each other. This covers our unflinching commitment to respect intellectual property.

  • Curiosity

    This represents our willingness to learn, even if it is difficult. We encourage deliberate learning in all aspects of our organizational process. We continuously question, destruct, learn and bring the learnings to benefit our customers.

  • Action

    We will iterate fast and demonstrate our continuous action to our customers. We will learn and continuously improve our product, processes and propositions. We believe in not drawing strong lines of distinction between ‘life’ and ‘work’.

  • Customer Success

    We will always be aware of the impact we have on our customer’s business. We will react to support customer businesses, even if it is re-organizes on our direct business plans. We will create, measure and treasure moments of truth.

Bsharp = Enable your frontline

  • Enable

    Train, Engage, Equip, Provide data, Improve

  • Your

    Covers company’s direct employees and the extended eco-system team members

  • Frontline

    Field sales, retail sales, call center, customer support, field service employees.

The Team

Gopal Swaminathan
Founder & Chief Executive

Gopal Swaminathan brings in nearly two decades of Sales and Marketing experience in Blue Chip companies like HCL, Intel and Lenovo with keen insight on the sales processes, functions and challenges. Gopal started Bsharp™ Sales Enablers in Nov ’12 with a vision to build technology tools that will enable companies build a winning sales team.

Gopal has great passion for people development and his current mission is to enable and empower the sales professional. He holds a BE (Electronics and Communication) degree from CIT, Coimbatore and an PGDBA from IIM, Lucknow.

Sudhir Krishna S
Head of Technology

Sudhir has an extensive product development experience with intimate knowledge of managing globally distributed development teams, customers, partners and stakeholders. He is the Founder CEO of SmartCommerce Solutions since 2009. He has over 20 years of product development experience including various product development responsibilities during his 12+ years at SAP. In his last role as Vice President of SAP’s NetWeaver Mobile Platform, Sudhir had set and delivered on the mobile strategy for SAP.

Sudhir holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore University and holds a Diploma in Advanced Computing from Centre for Development of Advanced Computing.


Dr. Siddharth S Singh
Co Founder & Strategic Advisor

Dr. Siddharth Singh is an Associate Dean and an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and Mohali. His research focus has been on the ability of firms to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Dr. Singh also brings in great insight into marketing and sales analytics. Prior to his PhD, Professor Singh worked with Johnson & Johnson in Product Management and Sales Management.

His in-depth knowledge of the subject has resulted in “Managing Marketing: An Applied Approach”, “Managing Marketing: A Concise Approach”, and “The Marketing Toolkit” which he has co-authored along with Prof. Noel Capon from Columbia University, New York, USA.

Dr. Singh holds a Ph D (Marketing) from J. L. Kellogg School Of Management, North-western University and an MBA (Marketing & Finance) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Rajev Shukla
Managing Director, Private Equity
Everstone Capital Asia, Singapore

Rajev currently serves as Managing Director, Private Equity, with Everstone Capital Asia, based at Singapore. Rajev is responsible for leading new thematic strategies, evaluation and diligence of new investment opportunities across markets, and operational leadership for management teams at investee companies, and Chairs the Operating Network at Everstone Capital. He works across a variety of themes, with a primary focus on the consumer discretionary, consumer staples, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Prior to Everstone, Rajev served with Unilever for over 21 years, spanning business leadership roles across India, Asia and Global Markets. He served on Unilever’s Global Category Leadership Team for 7 years, most recently as Vice President and Category Lead for Global Skin Care Strategy & Business Development. In prior roles, he has been responsible for Global leadership of Unilever’s flagship skin brand, Pond’s and Asia Head for Skin Category. In his early career, Rajev has worked across a variety of Sales & Marketing roles in India, leading HUL’s marquee brands like Lifebuoy, Fair & Lovely etc.

Rajev holds a Bachelor of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Varanasi, and a Master of Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta.In his free time, Rajev loves to paint, play console video games and is an avid reader and collector of graphic novels and comics.

Prithvi Raj Banerjee
Co Founder & Strategic Advisor

Prithvi is a seasoned technologist and entrepreneur. He is currently the head of strategy (US Information Technology) at National Grid, World’s third largest utility company where he is responsible for multi billion dollar strategic investment plans.

Prior to that as a co-founder and executive member of BSharp, he has helped shape our product and business strategy.

He has created digital transformation solutions for top global Digital Marketing agencies and has worked in technical and leadership capacities in several companies including Texas Instruments where he was one of the key members of the Digital Light Processing (DLP) team.

He is also the founder of Mind Gym Initiative Inc. a non profit to promote awareness about mindfulness amongst teenagers and young adults. Prithvi has authored two books on mindfulness.

He holds a B. Tech in Electronics Engineering from IIT BHU, Varanasi and a Masters in Engineering & Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, Massachusetts