Store audits made easy – Deploy, audit and analytics ready data in a day

Conducting a large-scale audit – one that has to cover large geographies is difficult. Multiple auditors have to be gathered and trained, documents/books that collect audit information have to be distributed, then the work begins, day end data collation, day end loss of data and day end panic. That’s how activities in a day of audit generally unfold.

One particular agency for a mobile phone manufacturer wanted to streamline and bring in efficiencies in audit processes.

This meant they had to address issues in the audit process at every level. From data collection through to collation.

Is it possible to change processes in a couple of days? Without loss of work days attributed to planning and deployment of solution? Without incurring massive costs?

What’s required

Is a solution that

  • Is easy to understand – Eliminate/reduce the need for training

  • Is easy to deploy – Reduce time to market

  • Does not require manual collation of data – Reduce data loss

Bsharp Delivered

A platform that

  • Was set up in a day. Bsharp’s platform (PC/iOS/Android) had features such as

    • Easy user management – Field personnel/auditors were added in bulk by just using their mobile numbers and names. They received invites and could set their own passwords. This meant reduced dependencies on email IDs and field personnel could be onboarded easily.

    • Seamless store allocation – The field personnel/auditors had to be assigned stores that they were going to audit. This was possible with Bsharp’s easy account management. Stores could be assigned in bulk. The field personnel received notifications and could view all mapped stores in their mobile apps. If there was a change in store mapping, the store could be reassigned at any time.

    • Easy flexible forms – With a few drags and drops of fields such as image capture field, voice recording field, audit forms were created. These forms could be deployed by user groups. This reduced massive engineering/reengineering cycles and enabled the team to create a comprehensive audit form that covered store, in-store salesperson and product aspects of an audit.

  • Eliminated collation and data loss. Bsharp’s platform did this by providing a dashboard where all field responses could be viewed. This field audit data

    • Was summarised into easy to understand tables

    • Could be filtered by date, user and store attributes and audit questions

    • Could be easily exported as an MS Excel/PowerPoint file
      There was no manual intervention to collate data which reduced loss/manipulation of data


  • The agency could go live quickly. Reduced or no engineering cycles to develop a complex application meant they team could move quickly, iterate quickly and collect audit data quickly

  • The team could eliminate the need for platform training. The field team was onboarded and they could instantly see the stores mapped to them and the audit form they had to respond to.

  • Eliminated manual intervention to collate data

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