How Bsharp does it: Product launch day – sales team readiness

Product launches take place with a lot of fanfare. But how does an organization make sure its greatest ambassadors- their sales teams, are equipped to communicate a product message correctly. Training a sales team requires times, how do you make sure your field sale teams all well versed with the product and all the while maintaining your competitive edge?

A consumer internet major decided to hold a surprise launch to the public and its field sales team on the same day. That meant, the field team members had to be trained on the same day and be ready to interact with customer in a matter of hours.

That’s 580 field sales personnel across 40 cities to be trained on 2 products.

One way to do it would be to hold route-trainer led training sessions across cities while another could be to group training sessions a few days prior to the launch. Obviously, both these methods are not cost effective or the organization ends up losing it competitive edge.

What’s required

A mechanism to train the entire field same team on the same day covering aspects such as a 60 second pitch, product features, objection and competition handling and offer details.

Bsharp delivered

A combination of technology, content and program helped announce the new product and train the entire field team on it.


A pack of HTML5 based training material and assessments supplemented by reference material which included product brochures and videos.


All this content was delivered through Bsharp’s sales enablement platform. Every field sales personnel received a notification on the mobile phones announcing the launch. App, email and SMS notifications also helped nudge the team to complete the training modules. The platform helped drive engagement using app-based discussion sessions which helped connect the corporate to the field team and acted as platform to share customer queries.


To help stitch the content and platform together, Bsharp developed a bespoke program which included the following elements.


stream of email, SMS and app notifications were deployed to keep the team engaged.

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Managerial support

Based on the adoption/training completion rates, team managers could drive adoption.

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Team engagement

The customer FAQs were shared and the entire team was given clarifications.

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Follow-up assessments

At the end of week 1, the entire team was assessed to understand knowledge retention, strengths and weaknesses.

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  • 100% of the sales team were trained on day 1 with over 80% assessments scored.

  • The team was well equipped to handle a surprise launch

  • The entire team was geared with product knowledge and were ready to face the hectic festive season.

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