How Bsharp does it: Understanding how all field sales personnel are pitching

A sales pitch for a product let alone a flagship product is crafted after a lot of research. It conveys the organisation sentiments, the product’s features, advantages and benefits in a line or two.

A particular PC market leader was launching a new product and wanted to make sure that every sales person across 800 sales reps were delivering the same pitch and giving the customers a uniform customer experience.

This is easier said than done. Route trainers, videos sent through messaging tools or emails can do only so much. They either are too expensive or get lost in transit or do not create enough excitement.

What’s required

  • A training to help the sales team to pitch correctly
  • A way to share a video of their pitch with their sales supervisors/managers
  • A contest around the right way to pitch to create some excitement

Bsharp delivered

Training program

A video-based training featuring product managers giving the sales pitch along with key features advantages and benefits were deployed to the entire team.

The training also covered a sixty-second pitch, demo routines, and objection handling.

The training was deployed using the Bsharp platform.


Structured way to share training

  • Learning paths: Using Bsharp’s features such as section locks, minimum viewing time, and pass percentage helped control the sales person’s learning pathway.

  • Assessments: As soon the sales person completed the required course, the sales person had to complete a timed quiz.


  • Post review, managers shared their feedback in group discussion and resolved any queries.

  • The best pitches (videos shortlisted by managers) were uploaded back into the system and the field team could learn and have a discussion around it.

Flexible forms with video capture

Once they sales team completed the training, they could upload their pitch and share it with their managers.

Training content consumption for the managers

Managers and supervisors could view how many people completed the training modules and viewing time.

Form submission

All the videos submitted by the sales people, could be viewed by their managers and supervisors. They could filter by user attributes such as zone, region.


  • The entire field team was certified with knowledge of the 60 second pitch, the features and objection handling.

  • They had to practice the pitch before recording it – thus perfecting it.

  • They got the supervisor feedback on the pitch – thus ensuring continuous improvement.

  • There was a lot of excitement about the ‘Sales Demo Contest” – creating mind share and engagement.

  • They could review the content from the Top 5 pitches across the country – there by having a reinforcement.

  • Thus, the entire team was mission ready before the launch of the critical new product.

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