How Bsharp does it: Performance data on your fingertips

Sales managers in the fashion retail segment are often out and about. Meeting retailers, distributors, their area sales managers, and their in-store retailers.

Meetings to discuss performance. Meetings to set tone for the coming quarter. Meetings to start new business relationships.

The one thing that these meetings have in common is the need to refer/talk performance data.

And strangely, currently most manager still use archaic or inefficient methods to view or ask for relevant data – You know, spreadsheets, messaging apps, email threads, calls.

I’d like you to imagine this, you’re in a retail store and want to review the store and the in-store retailer. You pull out your laptop, open your “the spreadsheet”, your PC freezes, you reopen the spreadsheet, you call your “data team”.

15 min later… you still haven’t begun the review.

You’ve been there, haven’t you?

So, let’s agree that these methods are inefficient.

What’s required

Is a solution that

Solution blog 3

Bsharp delivers

A platform that

  • Can be set up in a day. Bsharp’s platform (PC/iOS/Android) had features such as

    • Easy user management – Add users into the system They received invites and could set their own passwords.
    • Easy flexible forms – Easily create your own mobile forms to capture field data such as sales transactions, customer meetings and feedback. These forms can be deployed by user groups and become their one point to sharing data
  • Dashboards – Accessible on mobile devices, these dashboards help you access all your data on one page. These dashboards let you host data from multiple sources. You can choose to build your own dashboard or reach out to Team Bsharp to help you with setup (based on your requirements, some dashboards may require queries to be written). Once you’re done creating your dashboard, set your viewing rights and you’re good to go. You and your team will be able to view and filter their team’s data. These dashboards can be viewed on the Android and iOS devices and they work great on a PC too.


  • Retail store visits are now driven by data. Managers can have conversation with their retail team which led by performance data.

  • Bsharp’s dashboard bring all your data views under one platform. Last year’s sales, count of units sold this month, and stock on hand – all this data can be viewed and sliced and diced under one platform