How Bsharp does it: Large field team management

Field sales teams are spread over many geographical areas. Each team is assigned a geography where they meet prospective customers and close deals. All these activities are often centred around a branch office where activities such as customer document submission, product training and manager meets take place.

One NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company) wanted to manage field activities to help their field team make the most of their day.

This meant keeping track of customer meetings which included elements such as source of the lead, products pitched and follow up notes. It also included keeping a track of their product knowledge and engaging them on a regular basis to understand their queries and suggestions.

So, how does do this measure and manage a distributed field team? Capture meeting details, train, and assess remotely.

What’s required

  • A solution that allows to capture meeting data and collate all the data automatically

  • A repository of product content for the team to refer

  • An easy solution for the team to learn and be assessed on the go

  • A portal where the corporate team and the field team can engage

Bsharp Delivered

  • Platform

Customer/account management

DSAs were assigned to the field team and the field team could add their own customers. The team could also add contact details for each customer/dealer for easy reference.

A flexible form builder

Using this form builder, the corporate team could deploy meeting capture forms.
The field team could not submit all meeting data. The corporate team had a repository of geo-tagged responses that they could slice and download.

The field team also had a history of all meeting data by customer. This helped the field team prepare for future customer meetings.

Content Repository

Bsharp’s portal allows to hold content in multiple file types such as MP4, MP3, and weblinks. This allowed the corporate team to host content on products, negative and caution profiles. The content could be streamed or downloaded to be viewed offline. All the consumption data such as time spent meeting prospective customers were available for the corporate team to view.

Mobile learning

Bsharp’s content management module hosts features such as minimum viewing time, sections and section locks, pass criteria that allowed the corporate to train and assess the field team on the go.

App-based discussion

Bsharp’s portal allows discussions to be activated around content. Teams could join in on discussion and so could their managers. These discussions could be moderated by nominated system admins and the transcripts could be exported for analysis


  • The corporate team now had the visibility of all meeting information. This enabled them to get a sense of activity and take actions/course corrections to increase file logins/disbursals.

  • It enabled the field team to make most of their field days. Spend more time on the field rather than the branch or on calls with managers.

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