How Bsharp does it: Sell more. Share leads, track them to closure

To hit targets, organisations make sure they leave nothing on the table. Nothing can slip through the crack. Every inquiry is captured, every meeting is documented for future reference and every lead is allocated and followed up on.

One particular electronics leader had a busy season ahead of them. The campaigns they were running on social and traditional media were expected to yield 70,000 potential customers reaching out to them via social platforms, toll free numbers and text messages.

The organisation wanted to direct these potential customers to its 400 exclusive stores that were manned by 800 sales representatives across 100 cities. The organisation wanted the customers to interact with their products and sales people to better understand the products and purchase the product at the point of sale (POS).

How does one ensure these leads are shared seamlessly with the sales personnel? By geography? How does one enable follow ups and track actions performed on a lead?

Bsharp Metric

What’s required

  • A platform that transfers the customer’s interests on the cloud to the feet on the street.
  • A secure and scalable method to pass the leads to sales personnel based on geography and a host of other parameters.
  • A platform that allows you to link programs, leads sources and attributes to a lead.
  • The platform should be mobile and easy to use and update.
Required Platform

Bsharp delivered

  • The lead management feature in Bsharp’s platform was used to address this need. The platform is flexible and therefore the team could customise their own deal stages, add their own lead sources and programs to help with lead analytics.
  • To help in effective distribution of leads, the following logic was defined (in order):

    • By city
    • Win % (higher the win %, greater the leads assigned)
    • Response rates (Update leads status, get more leads)
    • Leads assigned to 2-3 personnel
  • Before the sales people were assigned leads, they received a training on the KPIs of the program and the working of the portals. These training modules were delivered using the platform.

  • When the program was kicked off, the sales people received the leads and could leverage the ‘one-touch update’ feature to filter the right leads, set up follows ups, have the right content and when they had any customer conversations.

  • To help ensure that that this process went on smoothly, time was allocated to the sales people in stores specifically to follow up on leads.


  • The company could follow their ‘No Leads Left Out’ policy. 90% of the customers were contacted hours and not days after their first contact.

  • The company could generate more footfall in their stores and have a healthier funnel.
Bsharp Summary

“Engage and enable your frontline sales team with
BsharpCorp Mobile Sales Enablement platform”

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