video contest

video contest.

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Engagement, learning and fun

video contest

How does it help?

Create engaging video contests involving everyone from the frontline to the c-suite. With multiple levels, upvotes and likes, all you need to do is come up with a theme and Bsharp organizes the rest.
Engagement, learning, fun all around!

Imagine. Create. Begin. Company-wide video
contests in minutes.

  • You theme it. Bsharp provides the tech

    Manual intervention limited to reviewing, liking and upvoting.

  • Involve Your team. As many as you want

    Scalable infrastructure to accommodate multiple participants.


See how companies have got up
91% frontline engagement with Bsharp

Know More

See how companies have got up
91% frontline engagement with Bsharp

Know More

Easy to deploy. Easy to get going.

  • Your contest, your way

    Set parameters such as numbers of levels, max upvotes and more.

  • Simple for participants to understand

    Sections for instructions, banner images and one click uploads.

Features to support

  • Add multiple
    contest levels
  • Assign judges

  • Set deadlines
  • Enable voting
  • Activate likes,
    discussions, views
  • Assign points

Tech that works with your ideas.

Here are a few ideas to get you started


Company’s got talent

Ask them to upload talent videos. Talent video with the most votes wins.

Pitch contest

Pitch contest

You’ve trained them. Now see who can pitch it best.

Crowd source

Crowd source content

Need best-in-class regional pitches? Put out the topic and let the pitches flow.

Want to enable your frontline for better performance?

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