Here’s how goal visibility can help you set the rhythm for effective performance management

Improving employee performance with KPI visibility

Here’s how goal visibility can help you set the rhythm for effective performance management

Improving employee performance with KPI visibility

With a constant influx of new things to do, teams sometimes tend to lose sight of their goals, their targets, metrics that they are usually measured on. This is where goal visibility becomes very important. When we say goal visibility, we mean making the goals you set for your teams visible and accessible for everyone across your organisation’s hierarchy to see. This helps create a sense of direction, decluttering the tasks that can be attended to later. Wouldn’t this make processes a lot smoother and more productive?

This Forbes article talks of how high-performance companies derive their success. Here’s a hint: it’s through efficient performance management.

It’s crucial for companies to put effort into making goals more visible across the hierarchy. It simply makes it a lot easier for you and your teams understand areas of prioritisation.

What is the purpose of making goals visible across the hierarchy?

The idea behind increasing target visibility, like we discussed earlier is to make teams more productive. How you can achieve this is through a range of processes that get triggered when you make targets more visible. Including increased goal clarity, increased accountability, and identifying progress and performance trends across departments. Let’s take a look at each of these aspects in more detail.

Gives clarity

While setting goals is important, you also need to make sure your teams know what goals they are working towards. If they have clarity on what their targets and the end results are, they will be able to channel their efforts in areas that can get maximum results.


Increases accountability

Making goals visible for everyone across the hierarchy to see makes frontline members more inclined towards meeting their targets. You will be making sure each team member is taking ownership of the tasks that have been assigned to them. For sales teams, this could look like meeting their revenue target, the number of units sold, converting browsers into buyers, retaining existing customers, and so on.

Gives an idea of how others are performing

Because performance metrics are available for all members to see, it can drive teams to push towards their goals and beat top performers. It can inculcate a sense of healthy competition among your teams too.

Shows progress

Goal visibility is a convenient way for you to track performance data, and get an insight into which team members are performing poorly, and the ones who are performing better. It can show them how much progress they’ve made, and how much further they need to go in order to meet their targets.


Identifying trends in areas of strength and improvement

If there is a clear trend of frontline teams underperforming in a certain area, it means there is some gap in knowledge there. They either have trouble understanding the product or don’t have enough experience in selling the given product to the target audience.

If you notice all team members selling a product very well, you can increase their targets for the specific product, but what could make things more interesting is turning it into a contest, and rewarding the people who make maximum sales.

We talk more about running contests in this blog.

With Bsharp Score, you get the ability to drill down to see the last frontline member’s metrics. This lets you identify performance gaps by teams or even individuals, and take corrective actions to improve their performance.

An add up/average of an entire team’s performance data can help you when you want to get an idea of how a team reporting to a specific manager, or working out of a particular region is performing.

With Bsharp, you can set goals in a way that can be mapped across your organisation’s hierarchy, and make it easy for teams and their managers to assess performance based on the targets assigned to them.

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