Gamification of sales can help you create a high-performance culture

Contests can help you drive sales performance and keep your teams motivated

Gamification of sales can help you create a high-performance culture

Contests can help you drive sales performance and keep your teams motivated

Sure, there are many traditional ways of driving sales performance- be it training, workshops, or incentives. But, aren’t these a little overused? We know they’re tried and tested ways of improving performance, but we think there is a better way to drive, and measure performance. Hear us out. Contests can help you create a high-performance culture, along with giving you complete visibility of what is actually happening.

What can gamification of sales do for you?

Simply put, it gives salespeople more drive to meet their targets. We’ve seen that gamifying sales can encourage users to keep at their targets and keep crushing them. Working in sales can get pretty monotonous, and contests are one way in which you can switch things up a little, and make things interesting for your frontline. Let’s see the reasons why you should consider gamifying your sales process.

It’s fun!

Let’s start with the most obvious outcome. Gamifying sales is a lot of fun. Sales is a naturally competitive field, and gamifying it just takes things up a notch. It gives your teams something to look forward to, after spending tedious days out in the field. It’s a great way to build team rapport and engagement.

Social credit

Sales contests give everyone an idea of what is happening, how far they are from their goal, and how others are performing relative to them. Enabling social features like discussions and leaderboards is a great way of encouraging top performers, and acts as a great platform for managers to publicly acknowledge them, and identify the frontline members who need a little more help.

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Targets always on mind

Gamification of sales can fetch you increased clarity on the KPIs that you want your sales teams to focus on. It is also a fantastic way of showing sales reps how far they’ve come, and how much longer they need to go to meet their targets. It is a fun, engaging way to make sure targets are achieved.

Targets seem more achievable

Because targets are displayed in a much clearer way, they seem a lot more achievable. To explain, if you set a target of X units to be sold, that is exactly what is conveyed to the frontline. This is an easy way of mapping your way up to your larger goals, like increasing profits or increasing the number of bills generated, by breaking them down to the smaller goals that can take you there easily.

Actionable performance trends

Sales contests give you the opportunity to send daily reminders based on how your teams are faring against their targets. This way, they always know how far they are from crossing the finish line.

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Bsharp Score, for example, lets you send notifications based on the level of target achievement- KPIs to focus on, KPIs that are on track to being achieved, and KPIs that have already been achieved.

You can even tailor action recommendations to help your teams improve.

All these things will go a long way in helping you build a culture of performance in your organisation.

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