5 sales contest ideas that can help supercharge your team’s motivation

5 contest ideas for motivating sales teams

5 sales contest ideas that can help supercharge your team’s motivation

5 contest ideas for motivating sales teams

Sales contests have been becoming popular. And rightly so. They help managers track sales, see more sales being made, and also help frontline teams stay motivated and engaged throughout the process.

We’ve spoken about the benefits of a sales contest in this blog. In today’s blog, we’ll explore a few ideas that can help you create a successful contest. And don’t worry, the contest ideas are included too.

Before you launch your sales contest

  • Define your big picture goals

What is your overall objective for running a sales contest? Boost units sold? Sales made? Conversions?

  • Set your KPIs

Decide what aspects you will be measuring your teams on- performance against sales targets? Total units sold? Define these elements beforehand.

  • Communication is key

Get the word out before your contest goes live. Let your teams know what they need to do, what rewards they can win, and how long the contest will last.

  • Keep things engaging

You will need to make use of exciting themes, imagery, and constant movement. Think quick-fire discussions, leaderboards and super fun contest names.

5 contest ideas for motivating sales teams

Making sure your contest works

Once you get the basic elements of your contest in place, you will need to take care of the following things to make sure your sales contest is a hit with your audience.

  • Setting achievable goals

Consider setting your goals based on the profiles of your salespeople, the kinds of products they need to sell, and your overall business imperatives. You will need to set goals that are challenging, but at the same time realistic.

  • Acknowledge contributions of all participants

While elements like leaderboards and points work great to motivate participants, these often favour the top performers. If you enable leaderboards, make sure all participants are on there. This will motivate everyone to perform better.

  • Run contests for a short period of time for the best results

Two weeks are the ideal duration for a sales contest. This will ensure everyone has a fair chance of winning, and will also make sure that your teams are not too burnt out from the competition. If you run the contest for too long, the users at the top of the leaderboard will get a huge lead and the rest of the team members will not be able to catch up.

5 contest ideas for motivating sales teams

We put together a few sales contest ideas that can help boost your team’s performance.

  • The Early Birds

We put together a few sales contest ideas that can help boost your team’s performance.You can run this sales contest around practically any process. The first ten to convert sales, the first ten to book meetings, or even the first ten to get customer testimonials. You can get your team on a leaderboard and watch them race to the top!

  • “Your focused product” Premier League

Need to catch up with this season’s targets? What better way to get there than by running a contest that focuses specifically on the single product that you need to drive sales for? This is a great way to motivate teams to meet their quotas.

  • Battle of the Titans

Rolling out your season’s latest products? Run a contest to boost sales! This can also help your teams learn about your product line, and do so very quickly. This is also a great opportunity to run a multi-level contest. The winners that emerge from the first round battle it out for the first position in the following week.

  • The Mega Grand Prix

For all managers concerned about improving your team’s overall performance- start off by setting the right targets for your teams. You can create your very own grand prix if you select the right KPIs. The most units sold of your less selling product, or the most customer testimonials received within a defined time. Make sure to add a few simple and a few challenging KPIs to the mix.

  • The Sales Frenzy

Picture this scenario- you’re in the peak of sales season. Footfalls are at an alltime high. And you need your teams to sell with all they’ve got. This sales contest is the perfect way to do that. Maximise sales, grow revenue, and help your teams meet their KPIs.

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To conclude

Sales contests are a great way to drive sales and simultaneously motivate and engage your teams.

..and we’ve got tools that can make it happen for you easily.

You can set up a contest on Bsharp Score – which allows you to select from up to 5 themes – be it cricket, football, or even mountaineering. Then, based on your team’s performance, you can give them learning recommendations that help them improve.

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