Your frontline can be pitch-perfect, imagine that.

Your frontline can be pitch-perfect,
imagine that.


Are you playing telephone at your workplace? You know, that game in which the first player comes up with a phrase and verbally passes it down to the next player.

And in the end, the phrase morphs into something unrecognizable.

What if I tell you, most companies play Telephone with their frontline. A product pitch that begins as a rosy idea at the HO is shared, articulated and delivered differently by the time it hits the field and worse the customer.

Here’s how Bsharp can help.

  • Video coaching to get the fundamentals right.

Your frontline uploads their pitch based on what they’ve understood.
You provide feedback, rate their pitch on different criteria.
If you like, you can ask them to resubmit or provide feedback.

Need an extra hand to help coach? We’ve got AI to help you score pitches based on keywords.

  • Collateral for reference

Once in a while, everyone needs some extra help.
Share quick read PDF or short videos, so they have all the reference material they need.

  • Video-demo contest to keep them on their toes

Managers upvote best-in-class pitches.
Peers vote.
Participants with the most votes, win.

Simple, interesting, engagement and learning all around.


Companies such as and have used Bsharp to equip, engage and improve their frontline. They have even got 91% frontline engagement.

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