Borrow 960 eyes: Track your retail launch to success

Its D Day minus 7. Your latest product is about to be launched. The marketing campaign is going live shortly. But, are your 960 stores across the country ready?

You wish you could visit all the stores to have a look.

Have all the t’s been crossed and i’s been dotted? What is the overall launch readiness? You need real time status.

You call the merchandiser. You call the training team. You call the field sales manager. You call the in-store personnel. You coordinate the times and set up a call. You send excel formats to update. You escalate when required. You send. You follow-up. You collate. You update. You…

Can you save all the effort, the hours and just get the status across the 960 stores? Can you borrow 960 eyes to just have a dekko of the stores?

It takes a lot of coordination to get the full picture.

Is there a easy way for all the stake holders to report back on their functions to a central database? You need the reports to be flexible, in a rapidly changing situation. You need to get real time launch status.

How about using the smartphone of the field representative to get this information? Then how about seeing all the data in one dashboard? BsharpCorp does just that.

BsharpCorp allows you set up the format for reporting – by the field representative’s function. So, the merchandisers will give you merch information, while the trainers will talk to you about training.

You can ask the field personnel to send reports by customer, with details, photographs, GPS locations, time stamps and even voice. All filled in through their smart phones. You can go live instantly. You can get all the data in a backend dashboard for analysis.

Staying in sync with your team is important for your launch success. BsharpCorp can be your eye in the market place. You can literally borrow an eye (the phone’s camera may be:)) for each of your 960 stores.

BsharpCorp: Collect field data through smartphones!


What do you need to be on top of the market information?

1. You need to be able to define the formats of the reports. Deploy it to the different groups of field personnel. Make it easy for them to respond to the formats (using smartphones). Have the ability to review the details submitted. It will be great if you can capture information like customer names, images, GPS locations, voice etc. for richer analysis.

Bsharp Corp: Collect information from a distributed field team

2. BsharpCorp allows you to go live with this immediately. Set up your account, invite your field reps and set up reporting formats. They will get reminders. You will get the data.

3. You will get the summary of the data captured across the market in a neat dashboard. You can even download it as an Excel sheet for further analysis.

Test drive Bsharp Corp with your team now. Bsharp Corp. Field sales reporting through a mobile devices.

Bsharp Corp consists of a web platform (used by the Business Owner) and a mobile app (used by the field personnel).

Bsharp: Real time field reports through mobile devices


The Bsharp Web Platform: This allows the business owner to:

  • Securely invite the field sales personnel to link the Bsharp App to the platform
  • Set up formats for them to report on
  • Set up alerts for periodical reports
  • Review the reports from the field team in a single dashboard and download for further analysis

It saves hours of effort it takes to coordinate the data from different sources. It helps to get real time information.

The Bsharp Mobile App: This allows the field team to:

  • Provide all the information through a single tool, right from their mobile phone
  • Avoid manual processes in reporting
  • Avoid unstructured channels like IM, Text, Excel sheets
  • Escalate things on a real time basis

Bsharp App takes the pain out of reporting. It saves a lot of backend reporting effort, allowing you to do much more.