Morning Routine of Successful Sales Personnel

A salesperson is not a one day wonder!  She/He has to go on for years and years – through the entire career and keep on selling.
Want to be a multi-year Rain Maker? There are many elements that you have to get right.
The first and foremost in this list is your…

Morning Routine.

You gave all that you can yesterday.  But you still didn’t see success. You even lost a deal you were hoping to close – to a competitor. It is human to feel de-spirited.
If that shadow of that loss follows you to the office today, how will you bounce back? How will you fire back at your competitor?
In sales, as in life, it is not about crashing down but it is about bouncing back.

Successful sales careers grow out of discipline and dedication. Not out of flamboyance and cow-boyism.

Here is the morning routine of many multi-year Rain Makers! This helps them to re-build the winning spirit and handle the day with renewed energy!

Find some ‘Me Time’

  • Find a few minutes in the morning to not do anything. Yes, not do anything. It could just be 5 minutes. No screens. No diversions. Just you and your thoughts.
  • Finding this time might be a challenge for those who have long commutes. But plan and find the time. Maybe you get up 15 minutes early. Or find this time during your commute. Or just spend a few minutes with yourselves as soon as you land up in the office.
  • This softens your mood from the anxieties of yesterday and sets you up afresh.

Be an early bird

  • Mornings are great to network with other stakeholders. Try and reach the office early, use the extra 15 minutes to organize yourselves and interact with colleagues without the rush.
  • The relationships you build will help you to handle critical customer situations throughout the day.

Slurp Motivational Boosters

  • Whip up the mobile sales enablement app provided by your company. Review the latest product details, positioning statements and talking points.
  • Listen to a motivational talk from your favorite speaker.
  • Take twenty minutes to listen to a TED talk –  to learn a new idea or a concept————.

Review Month PlayBook

  • Check out your targets for the month – by category of products. Review your attainment. Map it against your pipeline. Check out what actions are required to meet your goals.
  • Review the latest product, price, promotional updates from the company to find additional opportunity to hit your goals.
  • This is the time to call your Manager – to update the progress and to get additional inputs to meet your goals.

Store Review

It is time to review your work area.

  • If you are operating out of a store, it is time to review your work area. It is your responsibility to make sure it is in order –as per the planogram plan specified. Deploy any new material that is required.
  • Make sure that your devices are “demo ready” – working, software loaded, and all charged up.
  • This is going to impact the first impression of the customer and your ultimate demo effectiveness.

Happy Calls

Call your customer to know their experience with your product.

  • Your existing customers are a great source of new Either through cross-selling other products or through referrals.
  • Call the customers you sold a few weeks back. Check if everything is OK and if their experience has been great.
  • Ask them if they would like to buy any other product from your stable. Also, ask them to refer you to their friend.

20 New

  • Collect customer feedback forms with contact details after the demo. This is a rich source of sales funnel. If you have a price move or promotion in any of the products, use this as an opportunity to reach out to the customer.
  • In the course of the day, whenever you get free, reach out to these customers through Email, SMS or Phone.

Successful sales personnel follow this as a religious routine. They are dedicated to doing this every day – so that they can continue to be in the top of their trade!

Happy Selling!