Who wants to take a travellator to no where

Who wants to take a travellator to no where

Suppose you need to reach a gate in the West wing of the airport.

And you find the only travellator there – it is scintillating with great music, fast shock absorbing movement and psychedelic lights. You are very attracted to take it. Only hitch, this only travellator in the airport goes to the East wing of the airport. Not to the West wing you want to reach.

Will you take the travellator? Once may be for thrills. But the next time, you better walk to the West wing gate, and get your work done.

For AI to work, it has to be in the flow of your work

You saw ChatGPT traffic went down by 10% month over month. People are done with their thrill rides to the East side travellator – now they want to get things done.

That doesn’t mean ChatGPT is’nt going to gather momentum. Like in the airport, more flights will be scheduled in the East side because the scintillating travellator is already available.

ChatGPT or any AI tool is only useful if it is in the flow of your work. If it entails an additional sticky thumb that doesnt blend to meet your objectives, it is just a thrill ride.

Force fitting AI based on first impressions

At Bsharp, we have earlier done ‘technology for technology’s sake’.

For example: Have a AI based engine for the field personnel for recommending the next training course they need to take.

Then we realized, this is not a ‘Netflix level problem’, this can be easily configured with some rules for this 2000 user base. The data generated by 2000 users taking 20 courses is not rich enough to warrant AI recommendation engines.

AI in the flow of work: The Narrative:

At Bsharp, we work with Learning Administrators and Learners. We now understand that AI is a great tool to make lives of Learning Administrors easier. The first such feature is the ‘Narrative’.

You are a Learning Administrator. Your product manager gave you a slide deck of the latest product. You need to make it into a training.

  • So, you spend your time writing the voice over. All 30 slides.
  • You then gather the quotes and jokes to make the narrative interesting
  • Then you voice record that Voice Over script
  • Add the files to the individual slides using some software
  • Then do further brain surgery to edit
  • Then, after a good 8 hours later, you are done with the training.

Then your Product Manager decides to change certain details in the slide. Huh. You stare at another 4 hours of drudgery.

Get free from drudgery:

So, with Learnbee from Bsharp, you can generate the ‘Narrative’ from the original slide and just a few clicks and some smart prompt engineering.

Then quickly you can convert that in a voice over – choose from a range of voices from different country accents.

Suddenly, no other tool is required. You can get them all together into a training, in one work flow. Share the training to the user and you are ready to move.

So, what was hours of drudgery turns out to be a nice short training – made in a few minutes.

That is ‘Narrative’, Bsharp’s Use Case #1 for
‘That AI will work, that which releases the product hero from drudgery’