Making learning accessible with WhatsApp

Making learning accessible with WhatsApp

When it comes to learning programs, accessibility is key. How easily and quickly your team can get access to their learning paths impacts key metrics such as completion % and month-on-month engagement.

To make learning more accessible, one important factor is being present where your team works. And, with a distributed frontline, it’s likely that WhatsApp is a key communication channel. Teams use WhatsApp to share updates with their managers, get customer-shareable brochures and videos and solve field queries.

Bsharp Learn uses WhatsApp to make your learning program more accessible, more effective.

Your team gets notified when there’s a new learning assigned

When you assign a new learning module to your team, each learner gets a notification with the link to the module. The links open Bsharp Learn (if installed) or the responsive web browser (behind login access).

Get the user’s attention quickly, and help the user access learning quickly.

Get shareable brochures

Bsharp Learn X WhatsApp helps organize all your customer shareable documents in one place. Users can request documents, and Bsharp Learn shows them a list of shareable modules from which to choose. Users get a link to the document they’ve requested.

Customer handling tools, organized and accessible.

Solutions to FAQs

Bsharp Learn links its FAQ repository to its WhatsApp channel. Users type in natural language queries and Bsharp Learn recognises the query and shares solutions present in your Bsharp Learn account.


Bsharp Learn combines its comprehensive learning solution with WhatsApp to make your learning program more accessible and therefore, more impactful.

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