Lazy Learner’s Syndrome and mLearning

You thought you have pretty much mastered it. You know the new product inside out. “I can crack this”,  you think after the training, “I can remember the product features very well. I can ace the mLearning quiz and the demo there after. ”

The next morning is the all important demo. The points are all there in the head. The details are missing. You are able to recall the product benefits. But the metrics and percentage improvements are all fuzzy. It was pretty clear and simple. Until you are asked to articulate the pitch.

Welcome to the Lazy Learner’s Syndrome. 

Louise Rasmussen calls so in her “Total Recall Delusion” blog. You mind tricks you into believing that you have mastered it, but it still hasn’t digested the details. So you know the “big picture”, but in sales as with everything, the details matter.

I confess I have been a subject of this delusion when I was a student. If only I had known…

The success of your next new product is dependent on this “Total Recall” – by your sales personnel across the market.

The details of the features matter. The percentage improvement figures matter. Detailed articulation matters. How do you transfer the training presentation into a winning pitch – across markets?

This was the challenge we faced with our customer – their consumer electronics product was getting refreshed and their team was distributed across the country. How can they make sure that the team doesn’t suffer the “Total Recall Delusion?”

To solve this problem, the customer implemented a “Get 100 Quiz”.

All the sales personnel need to answer 25 questions from a pool of 50. They have to get it 100% right – they have to unlimited attempts to get it right.

This quiz was implemented through the Bsharp’s mobile learning app. The platform happily supported these features for this “Get 100” quiz. The customer went online with this over the weekend.

The question types that the customer-focused: (examples)

  • * Conceptual questions: Example: If an engineering college student approaches you to buy the product, what is your key selling points?
  • * Fact recall questions: Example: What is the improvement of 7th Generation product over the 8th Generation product for playing games?

The customer’s approach to handle “Lazy Learner’s Syndrome”:

  • * Get 100 quiz done through the Bsharp learning mobile app
  • * 25 questions out of a pool of 50
  • * The salesperson needs to get 100% right, has  infinite attempts
  • * Repeat the quiz for 2 fortnights, like the doctor ordered
  • * They can even refer to the notes from the training
  • * Collaborate with colleagues, if required, for the answers

It is Cognitive Psychology, simple:

  • * This ensured better recall of the facts on the shop floor
  • * The demo audit scores increased

The product transition is underway and is smooth as the field team is aligned closely with the product’s strategy.

Avoid the Lazy Learner’s Syndrome in your field team. That is going to impact your product ramp. Use mLearning and mobile device based quiz as a master tool to address field recall.

Remember the pitches, recall the details and ace the market.

Happy Selling.