KPI gamification

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Goal clarity. Nudges.
Action recommendations.


How does it help?

It provides the frontline with clear visibility of goals via KPIs. Set KPIs around learning, reporting, or around any business imperative. Bsharp nudges the user to better their performance around these KPIs and lets you set action recommendation that could help them achieve their goals. You can gamify KPIs by creating themed missions with discussions, leader boards and points.
Gamified KPIs for goal clarity, nudges to perform and action recommendations.

Goal clarity for all.

  • Where they should be and where they are

    Create your own KPIs. Show target versus actuals.

  • Performance trend over time

    Graphs that clearly show them their performance over time.

A little push goes a long way.

little push
little push
  • Personalised nudges

    Nudges based on ones performance and benchmark parameters.

  • General reminders

    Reminders based on timelines and milestones.

Action recommendations.

Action recommendation
Action recommendation
  • System generated action recommendations

    Based on current standings, milestones.

  • Manager/admin tagged recommendations

    Tag learning modules or action recommendations to a KPI.

Motivate with Missions.

  • Run campaigns around multiple KPIs

    Themed missions. Tether multiple KPIs. Convert milestones to points.

  • Gamify KPIs

    Leaderboards, team huddles.

Syncs with Bsharp and your data source.

Sync with Bsharp
Sync with Bsharp
  • Syncs with Bsharp

    Connect to Bsharp’s learning and reporting features.

  • Syncs with your data source

    Link to Google sheets, MSFT 360, or just upload an. XLS file.

Features to support

  • Creat KPI
  • Team discussions

  • Action
  • Flexible KPIs

  • Leaderboards
  • Reminders
    and nudges
  • Learning

Tech that works with your ideas.

Here are a few ideas to get you started


Continuous learning

Set learning goals. Nudge to achieve them


Adherence to Daily reporting

Set KPIs to ensure the frontline completed daily reporting protocols


Your business KPIs

Create KPIs around your business imperatives. Sync data from your data source

Want to enable your frontline for better performance?

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