How to create training content for a field-ready sales team

Creating content for a field-ready frontline

How to create training content for a field-ready sales team

Creating content for a field-ready frontline

Which sales rep can’t benefit from a repository of content that can help with customer interactions? After all, product brochures and company guidebooks are best utilised in such situations. Now, what if we told you that you can also track what content is most useful in field scenarios? More on this in just a moment.

Let’s first understand what field readiness is

Field readiness is basically having access to all the content that makes teams better prepared for customer interactions.

In this blog, we will see how to develop the content that helps your sales reps have more meaningful conversations with their customers. These could be case studies, scoped-out use cases, or just industry-wise reports that support your product’s main offerings.

What content formats should you focus on?

These could be of a wide range, but remember, the idea here is ease of consumption. Long PPTs and lengthy product training modules are actually counterproductive as they will lead to your sales team spending a lot of time looking for the exact snippet of content they require.

  • So you might want to consider brief product brochures or crisp videos that your teams can search for and access easily.

    Here’s a sample brochure we made.

If you click on any section in the poster above, you will notice that it will direct you to specific product pages on our website. Having such a brochure at hand will work great to share with customers.

  • You could also consider creating a checklist of questions that teams can use during demos. This will help them drive conversations along productive lines.

  • Next, you’ll want to get your teams to prepare answers to some frequently asked questions. Here are a few examples:

    • What does your company do?

    • What products do you have (under any specific category)?

    • How are your products different (or better) from your competitors?

    • How are your products/services priced?

    • How long will it take to get started/delivered?

    • Who are your major clients?

    Then, they will need to prepare for specific use cases and scenarios, and be very well-versed with all your product/service categories, all their features, specifications and price point

  • You can also have demo videos ready for interested prospects. They are the easiest way to convey everything that your product or service offers in a clear, and structured format.

  • Keep customer testimonials handy. This is the most effective way to convince potential clients why they should opt for your product. If they see other customers from their category benefitting from your product, they will immediately see more value in your offerings.

Here’s how easily your teams can access content from the Bsharp app.

FAQ Configuration (2)

Micro-learning for teams that are constantly on the move

As we keep reiterating, microlearning content is supremely convenient to consume on the go and can help your teams out of tough situations in the field, should they ever arise. Bsharp lets you host content in up to 9 formats, which actually helps a lot of teams. Need to share a word doc as reference material? We can make it happen.

Here’s a sample piece of content that we created for your reference.

You can access it here.

Shareability of content

I am now going to shift focus to another aspect that makes teams field-ready. Sharing relevant content with clients, and being able to find said content within seconds.
You will need to make sure all the documents you upload to your sales platform have features that let your frontline easily search for, and share content.

Bsharp, for example, comes built with a flexible FAQ search, which makes it super easy for teams to find the content they need, in seconds.

FAQ Configuration

Helping our teams with the right content, and making it easy to share and access will help us build field-ready teams, which will lead to better customer experience and satisfaction.

Understanding what content works best in the field

You should also be able to gauge what content is most useful for your reps. What kind of material is being shared the most.

They should be able to rate this content based on how helpful it is and even give you feedback on what specific aspects they liked best. Using this mechanism, you can make, or tweak your content to fit your team’s requirements.

Bsharp comes with all the tools and features we discussed above and can help you help your teams become truly field-ready. You can go live in a day.

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