Classroom: Where Learning Comes To Life


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Classroom: Where Learning Comes To Life.

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What makes up your team’s learning journey on your LMS?

Self learning content?


Follow up learning modules?

Since these are part of the LMS, each of them will probably be measured – you know, consumption dates, time spent, and completion status.

But, what about your instructor-led sessions? Those that happen online and offline.

Aren’t these sessions an important aspect of your team’s learning agenda.

Introducing Classrooms in Bsharp Learn.

Our goal is 360 learning coverage for your team. And, in-person sessions are an important aspect of your team’s learning journey.


Classrooms in Bsharp Learn is focused on three important aspects

  1. Your trainers and administrators can schedule learning sessions.
    Classroom sessions can be scheduled for a date in the future or sessions can even be ‘instant’.

  2. Capture attendance during sessions.
    Unique session codes for participants help capture attendance immediately. You can even capture enrollments

  3. Merge with Learning pathways.
    If you’ve created a learning pathway for a specific cohort of users, you’ll be able to assign a classroom module to it too.

Detailed info

The Classroom feature in Bsharp helps you create a blended-learning approach for your team – one which has both self learning and instructor-led learning.

Want to learn how we can enable this for your team?