Let’s imagine you have an outsourced field team. Typically people who are not part of your payroll. Field personnel who are the hard to coordinate with.

And now, you expect them, to audit your stores, send you the updates. They obviously share the audit info using communication channels such as email, orphan Excel sheets and calls.

You then pick up a nice cupa joe and sit. Sit for hours collating the data to catch market trends. Or at least hope to.

Na.. You might want to catch trends a bit earlier. Or better, as they are beginning to form.

A better way to collect retail audit info.

One of our clients were auditing their brand presence in retail stores and store personnel knowledge in said stores. . Had employed a couple of hundred freelance mystery auditors to do this.

Now here are few of the problems they faced:

Spread across the country. 3000 retail outlets to audit. Yikes.

The client wanted to let the freelancers know which retail stores are assigned to them and receive audit data by accounts.

Multiple communication channels.

Multiple communication channels meant 1-2 designated personnel just collating data. Not only is it inefficient, the market trends we talked about earlier. Yeah, forget them.

How did our client pull this off?




The Outcome:

The client could now log in to the setup platform and just download audit information in an Excel or PDF format. The data was analytics ready.

You can do the same too..